Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Holiday Hangover

The holidays are over. Three days into 2012, I woke up this morning well aware of a looming sense of melancholic despair. That sounds a little melodramatic, but it has truly been a long time since I have actually started my day by wanting to cry.

The holidays are gone. Today was many people's first day back at work (including mine). Perhaps I indulged in too much sugar, cheese, and alcohol in the past week and a half. But a friend posted on Facebook today about the week after the holidays being the most depressing week of the year, and I'm relieved it's not just me.

Apparently other people can feel that lovely air of suckiness, too.

I just loaded the dishwasher and hand-washed the wine glasses and champagne flutes from New Year's. Our festively decorated tree in the living room corner, which we had just put up the week before Christmas, may not come down for a couple weeks (unless I get a spurt of energy after my cavity gets filled this Friday--my day off... not impossible, but hardly likely). After the hustle and bustle so many Christmas songs love to reference passes, we're left with a sort of anti-climactic crash back down to day-to-day reality. It's not nearly as fun as spending every day searching for the perfect gift online, wrapping presents, spending time with family you won't see again for maybe months or another year, but in a few weeks it will be our normal again.

I feel drained, like I used up all my seratonin in the past couple weeks and I've got nothing left. I'm thinking of taking up running again, biking, making some art. I have been cuddling my dogs more than usual. They are very aware right now that they are loved. Dogs are good for that.

I did not have the energy to make any resolutions this year. I was fairly hungover on the first, not an uncommon ailment on the day after the last party of the year, and I sure as hell didn't feel like eating a salad. We ate leftover chips and salsa, and drank mimosas for breakfast. The next day we went out to lunch for pizza and beer. Day drinking makes me feel kinda awesome and naughty, like I'm on vacation even if it's just a day off, because it doesn't happen often. I was off for two days, and it felt rather freeing. But now... now the dullness of non-holiday life is definitely weighing me down. I have a birthday next week. I feel too tired to plan anything. Sleeping through turning 32 sounds best at this point.

How do you fend off melancholy after the holidays? Help a sister out. Maybe the holy basil, vitamin D, and St. John's wort will even do the trick. Or maybe the sun will come out and shine some sunny hope on my face through the fog. Here's hoping I make it.