Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Herbivore's newest book is a gem!

There's a lot to tell since my last post. I will have to devote a night to writing about what's going on in my household soon. For now, I want to talk about the Happy Herbivore Abroad book, the newest cookbook by Lindsay S. Nixon. I just got the book yesterday, but I've already used it for several meals (hi--no planning needed. Love her books for this very reason: healthy, low key, low maintenance, and inexpensive (many recipes feature meals you can make with simple pantry staples). I'm awful at following recipes to a T, but look at another's and get inspired. I have brownies cooling, had quick queso (kinda--added veggies to the mix and went sans gluten with the sauce) for dinner with baked no salt corn tortilla chips last night and made the migas (kinda--added tomato and jalapeƱo, and omitted the sides of refried beans and salsa) tonight. Amazing. I recommend the Happy Herbivore cookbooks to everyone, as they support a no added oil vegan diet, are extremely inexpensive recipes (often pantry-friendly--I usually add more fresh veggies, but the base is great for anyone and makes vegan cooking easy), and just are simply delish because Lindsay knows her way around a spice rack.